New-Horizon Counselling
with Naveed Asghar


Self-harm is a self-inflicted physical injury imposed on the body in an attempt to change the psychological state or mood. It is considered as a way of coping.

There are different forms of self-harm such as scratching or cutting the skin with a sharp object to burning, hair pulling and ingesting poisonous or toxic substances; and can be linked to other mental illnesses such as depression and stress.

Statistics have shown that 400 per 100,000 population in the UK self-harm which is one of the highest rates in Europe and that 3 in 100 people do it again within a year if they don’t look to get help.

Going to New-Horizon Counselling can be the first step to stopping the self-harm cycle as it allows you the opportunity to talk through any concerns or issues that you have, establishing the reasons for the need to self-harm in a non-judgemental and accepting environment.

Counselling can help bring about methods of coping or distractions that won’t have any physical or lasting damage leading to a more positive and contented way of living.